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Allow us to introduce AVAtrix, the newest addition to our portfolio.  She is unlike any other wine we have ever created.  In 2014, we decided to venture off of our home turf and source fruit from our neighbors and friends and with that, AVAtrix was born.

The inaugural release of AVAtrix is a 50/50 blend of Grenache and Syrah sourced from a neighboring vineyard known as Heart Hill located on the 46 West. The vines from which this bottling was obtained were recently grafted over to Cabernet Sauvignon, meaning this will be the last and only vintage of wine from that property.  We are extremely glad we had a chance to work with the fruit because the resulting wine is so pretty and expressive.  We’re sad to see the vines go.

We named the wine AVAtrix with a tip-of-the-hat to the sense of adventure and discovery of the first female pilots, as well as a subtle tongue-in-cheek play on words about branching out of our home AVA into other unique growing areas. She is sure to bring excitement and intrigue to the ONX line up each year, as you never know where she might land.


“When crafting AVAtrix, we treat the fruit in the cellar in the same manner as we do the fruit from ONX Estate. The differences that you see in the resulting wine are a true expression of the different terroir.  The 2014 AVAtrix has a more feminine character overall, slightly more elegant and delicate than wines from our home ranch.”

                                                 Brian Brown, Winemaker


We look forward to taking you on our creative excursions to vineyards near and far from home with AVAtrix.  She will always be a limited release for us, and this year we have just one hundred cases to share with you.


The ONX Team





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