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If you’ve noticed your tastings at ONX taking on a much more beach-like vibe, it’ s probably due to the addition of Drew. One part Karch Kiraly, one part Thor and one part Wally Cleaver, Drew is most definitely the multi-tool of the ONX team. While his growing up in San Diego allowed him to give in to the allure of golden sand and beach volleyball, Drew also frequently spent time with his father at Robert Nenow Winery and with his aunt and uncle as they built up Behrens and Hitchcock Wines. Wine and waves… What could be more Californian than that? Knowing that he wanted to follow in the same path, Drew attended Cal Poly (after all, where else could he keep that same beach/vineyard combo going?) and graduated in 2013 with a BS in Enology and a minor in Agribusiness. After that, he worked stints at Turley Wine Cellars and Villa San Juliette before marrying the love of his life, Andie, and joined ONX in 2015. In case that doesn’t sound busy enough, Drew can also be found backpacking (his record is 85 miles in a week), crossfitting and coaching high school volleyball. We have to assume this means that he thinks sleep is extremely overrated…

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